ZetaSpace is a new storage solution where participants can lease cloud storage. Unlike other cloud storage systems, ZetaSpace enables you to lease away the excess storage space you paid for. This allows you to streamline the costs of online storage unlike any other cloud storage service. With us, you will never have to pay too much for online storage again. Find out what ZetaSpace can do for you below!

High Level Security

ZetaSpace utilizes a unique three-layer cutting-edge security system in order to make sure that your data is secure. This three level layer comprises of Encryption, Sharding and Hashing. ZetaSpace first encrypts all data, after which the encrypted data is sharded into multiple blocks of data which are then hashed, with each block containing the users’ unique signature.

Quick Data Processing

ZetaSpace relies on it's Autonomous data capabilities for monitoring the number of available copies of a certain data block. It deletes or creates a copy of data at when the system detects any risk of data loss. One of it's most notable capabilities is to monitor where a specific block of data is predominantly being requested. It then creates a copy of that block closer to the geographical location of the point where the data is retrieved, which ensures accelerated peer to peer data retrieval.

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