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Learn more on the technical details on how zetaspace can change your data storage

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    What is Zetaspace?

    Zetaspace is a Data Storage Solution Technology that rivals the Cloud Data Industry. It uses autonomous data from Zetanet protocol, a peer-to-peer architecture of autonomous data to store encrypted data on the users computer around the globe.

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    What is the Purpose of Zetaspace?

    Zetaspace’s goal is to disrupt the cloud-storage industry with a much cheaper solution and ease data centers with the help of small farmers. It also facilitates passive income to each partner.

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    What is Zetanet Coin?

    Zetanet coin is a monetary reward to all the partners who leases their storage to become a node in Zetaspace Network.

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    What is Blockchain?

    Blockchain is a technology that can safely store transaction records on a peer-to-peer network instead of storing them in a single location. Independent servers around the world, called nodes, make up the network that operates the blockchain.

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    What is a Zetaspace contributor?

    Zetaspace contributor are partners who has extra storage that is being used in the zetaspace network. Contributors are paid based on the amount of data that they are able to store and feed to the zetaspace network allowing fast and uninterrupted data service to customers.

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    What are the advantages of Zetaspace Storage?

    Zetaspace data storage benefits individuals who values privacy. With the introduction of autonomous data. Data miners will not be able to exploit your personal data and sell it to advertisers. We also support small business like small server farms as our contributor to earn money.

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